Cat Or Dog Quiz

Wondering if you're more of a cat person, or dog person? Put the waffling to an end: take this quiz to get the real answer! Whatever your result, it's bound to be furry and adorable.

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1. Pick the thing you do the most:
Sleep Eat Both equally, probably.

2. Do you hate being in a group setting, like a party, or an event?
Yes No Sometimes (depends who's there)

3. Would most people describe you as friendly?
Yes No ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

More Of A Dog Person
You love man's (and woman's) best friend. Dogs are loyal, adorable, protective, helpful, and above all, the most unconditionally loving animals in the world. You like the idea of going on walks, playing in the park, hiking, and biking with your dog - all things you can't do with a cat, realistically.

More Of A Cat Person
There's nothing you love more than sleep. Except maybe your independence. You're fine in a group setting, but you're really in your element at home, with nothing going on, just some rest and relaxation by yourself. So, you know what that means: you're more of a cat person!

A Hybrid
You love both cats and dogs. In fact, chances are you have at least one of each at home right now. So, asking you to be either a cat person, or a dog person, isn't very fair. You love both for their own individual traits and qualities.