What Type of Glasses Should I Wear?

Do you need to wear glasses? This fun, engaging quiz will help you to find the perfect lenses or frames for your face and prescription. Let's start the quiz now!

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1. How many hours will you be wearing your glasses each day?
All day except for sleeping time Just a couple An hour or less

2. Are you male or female?
Male Female Prefer not to answer

3. Do you lose things easily?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

wire frames.
Well, you are quite the serious chap, aren't you? You should find a sturdy pair of titanium or stainless steel wire frame glasses. They send a message of dependability and responsibility that's great for the working world.

cat-eye glasses.
You are a unique ball of confidence and you are one of the precious few who can unironically wear cat-eye frames. These glasses are a vintage style from the 50s and 60s worn mainly by women wearing their hair in Beehives!

a monocle.
If you only need the occasional visual aid or if you don't have vision problems in both eyes or only have one eye, why bother with a pair of eyeglasses with a clear glass side? It will take a little boldness, but a monocle is the distinctive look for you.

Trivex lenses are made from a lightweight, thin plastic material. Because they are impact-resistant, they are a good lens for children or anyone who is pretty rough on their glasses. Best yet, they are thin so you won't have the coke-bottle effect.

You are far-sighted and near-sighted so trifocals are the most practical choice for you unless you want to be throwing your glasses around like a juggler all day. Trifocals have three focus points built in, usually for distance, intermediate length, and near vision.

You don't like being the center of attention so rimless glasses are the best choice for you. They won't attract a lot of notice and they are so lightweight that you may feel like you are not wearing glasses at all.