What Type Of Jeans Should I Wear?

You have a stack of jeans looking at you from your dresser drawer, but you aren't sure which pair to put on. We can help you figure it out and all you have to do is answer these questions.

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1. Is it warm outside?
Yes! It's decent. No, it's cold.

Here are all the results with descriptions

Skinny Jeans.
We can imagine that you have some long and lean legs that you're ready to show off. Skinny jeans are the perfect cut when it comes to doing just that. You can get them in different rises and different shades to suit your style. Pair them with some heels for a dressed up look.

Distressed Jeans.
You know those jeans that look like they've been worn for 30 years but they're brand new? Those are what are in fashion right now, and we can guess you are someone that likes to stay up with the times. Find some with some rips and tears in them and toss them on for today's look.

Baggy Jeans.
You just want to kick back and relax today, so there's no need to worry too much about your jeans. Whatever pair you can find that are comfortable and not difficult to move around in are going to suit you. Slip them on with a big comfy shirt, and you'll be more than happy with your decision.

Colorful Jeans.
We can bet that you like to make a statement with your outfits. You're someone that likes to step outside of the box and get noticed when you're walking around in public. Colorful jeans give you a nice blend of traditional and modern, and you can find a pair of just about any shade to match the rest of your outfit.

It's probably pretty warm where you are now, so capris are going to do nicely. They are cute and sassy but still comfortable. You can wear them with a cute pair of flats, flip flops, or heels. It's one of those styles that can be dressed up or down, depending on what you're aiming for in your final look. Either way, they're going to be cute on you we can bet!

Boot Cut Jeans.
Boot cut jeans are the universal style that you can never go wrong with. These work for just about any body style, so you never have to worry about them not fitting you the way they were meant to. They're cute, fun, and they will make you look and feel amazing when you step out of the house for the day.