Greek Mythology Trivia

How much do you know about Greek Mythology? Do you think you might be an expert? Find out how much you really know about Greek Mythology by taking this quiz!

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1. In Greek creation myths, who comes first?
Zeus Cronos Chaos

2. Who is Zeus's wife?
Echo Hera Artemis

3. Who is the god of love?
Eros Apollo Hermes ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Don't know anything about Greek Mythology
But, there's always enough time to learn! Read up on these fascinating tales and adventures. You will find that many of the stories have recognizable elements or tidbits from pop culture. You've heard of Achilles heel, right? Or Echo? Check out some Greek mythology today!

Don't know much about Greek Mythology
You answered some of the questions right but there is so much you would benefit from reading. Or, you could watch movies like Clash of the Titans. The tales and stories of the Greeks are full of adventure, romance, and lessons in how to avoid selfish mistakes!

Have a fair knowledge of Greek Mythology
Your knowledge of Greek Mythology is about average. It looks like you paid attention to what you were taught in school about the Greeks and maybe you've seen a movie or two. Read more to get the richness of the myths you haven't heard!

Know a lot about Greek Mythology
You're almost an expert in Greek Mythology, but you're not quite there. But, you did do better than most on this test! Good for you. Now all you need to do is go back and pick up the pieces you haven't read. You know it will be engaging!

Are a Greek Mythology EXPERT
You know everything there is to know about Greek Mythology! You must have been born on Mount Olympus! Say hi to Zeus and Hera for us. Unless you're on the outs with them. We wouldn't want you to be struck by lightning!