What T-Shirt Slogan Was Meant For You?

Are you interested in emblazoning your worldview right across your chest? Take this quiz to see what it should say!

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1. If you could snap your fingers and be instantly transported anywhere, where would you go?
New York City Jamaica To another dimension Um, home from work?

2. What is the highest structure you have ever jumped from?
A tree An airplane I went bungee jumping off a bridge once. None of the above

Here are all the results with descriptions

YOLO (You Only Live Once)
This is pretty self-explanatory. You'll try anything once. And you have. Even this quiz! Now, why not try another one?

Don't Worry, Be Happy
You don't have any time for negative people or places. You're all about the good vibes. A friendly, pleasant sort of person, you make other people feel comfortable. You're so relaxed and laid-back that it's quite possible you're high.

We Can Do It! (Rosie the Riveter)
Or, as an alternative, you could go with 'This Is What a Feminist Looks Like.' Whether you're male or female (or something in between), you care about the rights of women. A lot. So much so that you advertise it on your chest.

You are probably a fan of science. And if not, then you are probably a fan of 'The Big Bang Theory.' And if not, then you are probably a fan of corny pranks. And if not, well, just consider this result one. Bazinga!

No Fear
That's pretty self-explanatory. You have no fear. You are game for just about anything, as long as it's fun. You don't care how dangerous it is or how much trouble it could get you in. You may be on medication for ADHD.

I Heart NY!
You may never have actually been to New York, but you get the sense that you'd really, really like it. And if you have been there, well, you do like it! In fact, you love it! And what's not to like about the cultural capital of the U.S.? Except that it's full of tourists, of course.