What Chocolate Am I?

If you love chocolate, this is the quiz for you. Discover which variation of chocolate best matches your unique personality and the reasons why people love you!

Tags: Food, Sweets, Chocolate, Candy

Here are all the results with descriptions

Dark Chocolate
You have a sultry, luxurious side that many people are drawn to. However, not everyone notices this as you tend to keep to yourself and are driven by logic. Because of this, you are often underappreciated. Those who do get to know you love you for your combination of sensibility and romance.

Hot Chocolate
You are warm, sweet, and absolutely friendly! Some people might think you're too childish but the truth is, most people love your fun, free-spirited, and loving personality. You are adored by many for these qualities.

A Truffle
You have a lot of different moods, sometimes you're all sugary sweet and sometimes you're more reserved and intellectual. No matter what, there are so many who love you because of your versatility and ability to adapt to every occasion.

Milk Chocolate
You are quite the charmer! You live a life of simplicity and contentment. Others are draw to you because of your inner beauty, kindness, and your personal happiness. Keep on giving and your life will continue down the sweet line.

White Chocolate
You are a total sweetheart, with a bit of an edge. You are quirky, interesting, maybe a bit dorky. Others love you for your insistence to always be you and your resistance to trends. You do this all with a smile on your face.

Chocolate Chips
You are organized, thoughtful, and practical. While you enjoy the good things in life like everyone else, you also enjoy hard work and celebrating your many achievements. Many people admire you for your work ethic and capability.