Male Vampire Names Quiz

Wondering what your male vampire name really is? We'll tell you as long as you promise you'll answer each one of these questions as honestly as you can!

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1. Do you often question whether or not there's a God?
Yes No Sometimes

2. Do you ever wonder what happens after death?
Yes No

3. Would you ever want to live with a werewolf and a ghost? If they were friends?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

You're rather vain, always concerned with your looks, so much so that you'll cut people off (even yourself) to ask how you look. But there's still depth to you. You often question things like a higher being, and where you fit in the plan, and what happens after death. You do think outside of your own little box, but you're very much in the middle of that good and bad range. For you, humanity is both interesting and difficult.

Your name would be Orlok, because you just love to creep around. All that's missing is some long nails/fingers, and some wide and almost unblinking eyes. You're kind of. . . you know, out there! And people sense that about you, which makes them rather uneasy actually. Those who know you know that you're more than what meets the eye, but to get to that point, it takes some. . . real open mindedness!

Your name would be Count, after a certain puppet show for children, because you absolutely love to count things. In fact, you're kind of a math wizard. In school, you are/were the class mathematician. And as a result, people look to you whenever they need to shop and find out that 60% off $243. 99 is.

Your name would be John, after a certain British TV series involving a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost all living under one roof. You have some inner demons that you wish you could kick, some regrets from the past that you can't seem to run away from entirely. And as a result, you rely on your loved ones to sort of. . . be there, and just help you through it all.