Female Vampire Names Quiz

Wondering what your female vampire name would be? Well, then it's time to take this insightful quiz to get your answer once and for all! Are you ready?

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1. How ruthless are you really?
VERY It's up there. I'm not ruthless.

2. Would you make a great leader?
YES Maybe No

Here are all the results with descriptions

She was both a victim, and a major character with a back bone. She collects everything against the big, bad vampire Dracula, and she helps concoct a plan to bring him down. She's fully a well-developed, strong female character in her own right. But then she's bitten. Still, she comes out of it alive and well, and carries on. In other words, you'd be Mina, because you're strong, and courageous. You do what needs to be done. And when faced with obstacles, you overcome them.

You wouldn't just be a vampire, you would be the mother of all vampires. The main kahuna, the big cheese, the. . . queen! And that's because not only are you almighty and powerful, you're very much confident in yourself and your ability to lead. But you're also. . . you know, evil. It makes you a good leader of all the vampires. So you take pride in being selfish. You like how your emptiness motivates your actions. And you don't need to justify it to anyone.

Hypnotic and alluring, Carmilla is very much a master manipulator. In order to prey on people, she must first gain their trust, earn their love. But that love is toxic, turns possessive, and then obsessive, until it kills the person. Literally! In other words, you're the OG of female vampires, the one who takes pride in the hunt, and waits for just the right moment, when you're positive your victim will feel the most betrayed.

You'd be a vampire named Elizabeth, based on a countess from the 1500s. Looonggg time ago, we know! But this woman had kids, a husband, managed many estates because her husband was always away on business. But on the side. . . this woman tortured and killed young women savagely, and then bathed in their blood! Why? Because she believed it would give her eternal beauty. She saw it as a beauty regimen, no more than night cream. Her nickname was the Blood Countess.