How To Look Stylish?

Looking stylish is as difficult as performing brain surgery if you don't know what you doing. The good news is this quiz will show you how to look stylish.

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1. Did you lose a lot of weight recently?
Yes. No.

2. What is your fashion IQ?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

only wear clothes that fit perfectly
Wearing something too tight or too baggy will make you look unfashionable. What's more, if you are put on something ill-fitting, you will be uncomfortable and self-conscious, adjusting and readjusting your outfit all day. It's better to just wear something in your size.

The key to looking put together is accessorizing. Even the prettiest dress or the classiest suit will look unfinished if you don't add an accessory or two. Pick out a piece of jewelry, a scarf, a purse, or a belt and put it on the hanger with your outfit so you don't forget to put it on.

wear nice shoes
Are your shoes dirty? Worn? Do they match your outfit in style and color? It doesn't matter how amazing your clothing looks if you have on ugly shoes. In fact, the only thing people will notice is your shoes because they will be such a contrast to the rest of you.

add a unique element
There should be a surprising and cool focal point of your outfit. So when you plan what you will wear, think about adding a pop of color, an interesting texture contrast, or something that is sentimental to you.

emphasize your strengths no matter what is currently popular
If skinny jeans are all the rage, that doesn't mean that you should wear them if they don't flatter your figure. So, find the styles and fits that look good on you and stick to them no matter what the celebrities are wearing on television.

be confident
One of the biggest ways to sell your outfit is to be confident when you wear it. If you are secure and comfortable in your skin, you will carry yourself well no matter what you wear. Ultimately, style is personal so don't worry if not everyone agrees with your clothing choices if you feel good in them.