What Makes Me Unique?

This is a fun quiz that will give you an idea as to what makes you unique as an individual. After taking this quiz you will have a great idea as to what makes you unique.

Tags: Appearance, Behavior, Look, Relationship, Personality, Character-Trait

1. What's your favorite thing about traveling?
Food Flying Diffent culture I don't like to travel

2. Does any of your friends ever text you to ask if their outfit looks okay?
Yes No Sometimes Almost everyday

3. Has anyone ever asked you to have a picture that you have drawn?
Yes No I don't draw People have paid me for my drawings ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

double jointed
You can move your arms and fingers in ways that most people can not. Most people would break something trying to duplicate what you are able to do with your joints. At times people will stop and stare at what you're doing like you're a side show.

great at singing
You have a beautiful voice, you have been able to sing as long as you can remember. People have always loved hearing you sing, whether it be in school, church, or even work. You have played around with idea of trying out for one of the singing shows.

good at painting
You are basically an up and coming artist. You have talent unlike anything people have seen in a long time, and what separates you from a lot of artist is the fact that you have never committed to one medium.

not afraid of anything
You do not seem to be afraid of anything, and because of this you have become a daredevil, or a thrill seeker. The fact that you are not scared of anything gives you the ability to pull of stunts the average person wouldn't dare try.

really strong
You are not like most people that show up to the gym and work out, you are a whole different monster. Your are the beast that most people claim they are. You are more than just a gym rat, you in that top 10 percent of strong people.

Nothing, not unique
There is not anything that is unique about you. You are about as plain as they come. You are the vanilla of ice cream, plenty of people like you but there is nothing special about you. You are a boring individual with no talent.