How Smart Am I?

Everyone likes to take an easy IQ test that tells them how intelligent they are, but are you ready to take a quiz that will let you know how smart you really are? Here you go!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Probably going to want to hit the reset button and go back to 1st grade
If you are in fourth grade or below you should feel awfully proud of yourself. If you are an adult, you were probably choosing the wrong answers on purpose, but if you weren't, it might be time to start brushing up on some elementary education.

In need of broadening your horizons
You have proudly proclaimed your street smarts for most of your adult life. With a more than basic understanding of the world around you, you are able to get by just fine. Maybe doing a little more reading or a little less tv watching would be a great way to round out your areas of knowledge.

About average intelligence
You have an average understanding of the world. You are filled with what people call common sense. While you might not have been top of your class or a National Merit Scholar, you did just fine in school. You are able to keep a perfect balance of pop culture knowledge, mixed with basic elementary knowledge.

Very clever indeed
You are probably the smart one in your group of friends, but you are not the type of person to rub it in. You are able to pick up new things quickly and you are usually the one asking why, because if there is anything you love, it is learning.

Quite smart, but you knew that already
You can answer questions on dozens of subjects, and for those things you dpn't know, you have an insatiable thirst to learn more. Your ability to answer so many different types of questions is something to be proud of.

A true renaissance woman (or man)
Very impressive, you are incredibly smart, but you already knew that. You have street smarts, school smarts, and all the smarts in-between. Now just try not to gloat too much and perhaps others will actually respect your intelligence.