How To Be A Gentleman?

Wondering how to be a gentleman? Unsure if you have what it takes to be considered one? Well, then it's time to learn the right way to treat a lady, isn't it?

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1. Are you nice to people?
Eh... I hope so! I try, but I don't know.

2. Are you quick to judge them?
Yes Somewhat. Not really.

3. Do you give people a chance before you start mocking them or being rude?
Not really. Sometimes. Sure, why not? ▶ Next Question ◀

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Being More Cordial
You aren't the warmest, friendliest person in the room, ever. In fact, you tend to be the most aloof, off-putting person there instead. That means that if you really want to learn how to be a gentleman, this is the first step right here. You should be more cordial towards others, regardless of their gender, age, or status. It doesn't cost a thing to just be nice. You don't even need to like the people, and you don't need to fake anything. Just be more polite.

Being A Better Listener, Not So Much An Interrupter
You love to talk and have conversations, but a lot of the time, you wind up taking over. You dominate conversations and interrupt others! Then they can no longer express themselves, or share their stories. And that's just plain rude. Come on, you know that! So practice being a better listener. You may be surprised how much better you get to know those around you.

Being Smarter With Your Choice of Words
It's nice to be honest, and it certainly keeps things. . . direct. No hassles there, no lies, no sugar-coating. It's logical to think that being honest is a good thing, and it certainly is. . . . but. . . . that being said, there's a way to go about it that doesn't come off abrasive. And you tend to come off like sandpaper. People are afraid anytime you voice an opinion about anyone or anything, because of your delivery. Also, there's a time and a place. You don't need to sugar-coat, but be smarter.

Being More Honest With Yourself, So You Don't Waste People's Time
Here's a big one: when you lie, people lose trust in you. Suddenly, you're unreliable, you're untrustworthy, and you're discarded in times of need and crisis, because you're not dependable. So, how do you fix that? By being honest with yourself. You're the first line of defense. Anything that comes out of your mouth should be the truth and nothing but the truth. But if you lie to yourself and voice that lie as truth, well. . . So make sure you're 100% certain!

Being Less Judgmental
You have a nasty habit of judging others even when you don't know them. You take one look at them, and you have something mean spirited to say about their look, the way they carry themselves, and even their personality. All based on a first-impression, a glance! Take some time to get to know people before you discard them, you never know who you might bump into. You don't want to be the person who keeps themselves from meeting their best friend, or future partner, do you?