What Haircut Should I Get?

A good haircut can be empowering, inspiring, and of course, incredibly stylish. With so many choices it can be difficult to decide which haircut will work best for you. Take this quiz and see what hairstyle will match your personality!

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1. What best describes your hair?
Thick Thin Curly Kinky Wavy

Here are all the results with descriptions

Sexy Waves Cut
Whether your style is more beachy or glam you were meant to rock some enticing, soft waves of hair. Your hair is healthy and so are you, let the world see that you're living your best life with a new do.

Bangs and Ombre Cut
You are daring, outspoken, and passionate. You want a hairstyle that will speak for you and this is the one. Perhaps combining bangs and an ombre color would be overkill for some but you can handle it.

Layered Cut
You're a complex and interesting person and deserve a more complex haircut to show off all the facets of you personality. Get a layered haircut of any length and ask your stylist to frame your face for an extra good look.

Blunt Cut
You mean business. Whether this applies to an actual business or just standing up for your beliefs, you mean what you say and you say what you mean, Get this stylish and strong haircut to showcase your own strength.

Bob cut
Not everyone can rock a bob, but you can! You have an incredible face and a bob will only draw more attention to it. Use this hairstyle to amp up your style and live an independent and interesting lifestyle!

Daringly Short Cut
You are a risk taker and it usually pays off. Apply this way of life to your hair for a very hot hairstyle that will leave you free to focus on more important things. This style will require minimal maintenance.