What Is My Lucky Color?

A fun quiz that will reveal your lucky color. It will reveal which color will bring positive vices your way. People often have lucky numbers, but this quiz will share your lucky color with you.

Tags: Personality, Happiness, Luck, Color, Character-Traits

1. What's your favorite color?
Red Green Black Purple

2. Do you wear black often?
Yes No On occasion Never

Here are all the results with descriptions

Green is your lucky color because it is the color of money and nothing motivates you in life quite like money. You have always been driven to succeed, but when money is the motivator you go the extra mile.

You have always believed that red was your color, meaning you have always thought that you looked good in the color red. So you kind of adopted it as your lucky color, if you look good in it why can't it bring you luck as well?

Yellow is not too important to you as a color but for some strange reason you think the color itself symbolizes luck, so when ever you want to play the lottery you always make sure you are wearing yellow when you buy your ticket.

Not only is white your lucky color but you feel like you and your team are tied to this color. You went to a whiteout game once and your team was down by 16 at the half and they came all the way back and won. You now where white on every game day.

You were walking down the street one day minding your own business when a complete stranger pulled you back saving you from a falling object that fell from an upstairs window. You and that stranger went on to get married you were wearing brown that day and it has since been your lucky color.

You grew up loving everything orange, the color orange, the flavor orange. So it is not so much that orange is your lucky color, you do not have a lucky color but orange is by far your favorite color and no other comes even close.