What Heritage Am I?

Bet you think a simple Internet quiz won't be able to reveal what heritage you have! Prepare to be amazed because that's exactly what this fun quiz will do.

Tags: History, Culture, Family, Ethnicity

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Asian culture is rich and varied. You have a lot of strengths in your character that you inherited from your ancestors, but don't shut out other cultures and ideas. You won't lose anything by talking to people of other religions, political affiliations, or ethnic backgrounds.

The Indian heritage is evident in philosophy, entertainment, and medicine. However, you are connected to the culture by its food, language, people, and customs. If you have lost touch with these things, you have lost a part of yourself.

According to some anthropologists, African culture is one of the oldest in the worlds. The African heritage is present in almost all cultures through its instruments, music, clothing, and food. However, you can really get in touch with your heritage if you take a trip to Africa.

All cultures have successes and defeats in their history. From your Latin heritage, you inherit its famous cuisines, colorful clothing, and rhythmic dances. However, to really understand yourself, you need to learn about what happened in the past.

Like all cultures, the European heritage is full of triumphs and shames. It's great to participate in your culture through the food, clothing, and customs, but don't forget to investigate your history. You can learn a lot from it!

You are a unique mix of so many cultures that your heritage cannot be boiled down to just one nationality or ethnic group. What a unique privilege you have to have such a rich background! Take advantage of it by learning about all the cultures that are a part of you.