How To Look Good Without Makeup?

Wondering how you can look good without makeup on? Then it's time to take this amazing quiz which will enlighten you in ways you could only imagine! Grab a seat.

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1. How often are you exfoliating your face?
3+ times per week. Twice per week. Once per week. Once every two weeks.

Here are all the results with descriptions

Exfoliate Less
You're exfoliating too much! Honestly, you don't need it more than twice a week, no one does. You may think that the amount you're doing it is good for you, but it's actually counterproductive for your skin. So go ahead and switch to an organic blend of sugar, honey, and lemon juice, and only do it twice a week. It will keep your skin smooth, soft, and blemish free.

Moisturize Less
You're using too much! And it's not letting your skin's natural oils do their job, which means your pores are being clogged, and it's leading to pimples. So stop it! In fact, switch to just washing your face and leaving it alone for a few weeks until your skin clears up. Then use moisturizer (one tiny fingertip's worth) on your face once every other day.

Wash Your Face More
You're not washing your face enough! Wash once in the morning, when you first wake up (just water, no face wash, unless it's organic) and then once at night to take your makeup off. And make sure to keep your sheets clean, you don't want to lie your face on a dirty pillow!

Use Specific Formulas
You either have sun spots, dark spots, or mild acne marks on your face here and there. They could be really prominent, or they may just look like tiny little spots here and there. However serious your issue is or isn't, at the end of the day the advice is the same: use dark spot correcting formulas that 1) brighten, 2) hydrate, and 3) soak into the skin well without leaving an oily residue. Go for creams, not oils. And always exfoliate twice per week as well.