Greek Name Generator

Greek people have uniquely beautiful names that are full of meaning. Learn what your name would be if you were Greek and also what it means in the Greek language.


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Here are all the results with descriptions

Vitalis or Alcestis
You are so bubbly and active that you must have a name that represents life in Greek. We suggest Alcestis (typically female) or Vitalis (typically male). Alcestis was the name of a woman who sacrificed her life to save her husband's.

Xander or Thais
You are very protective of your loved ones. You must have a Greek name that represents your loyal watchfulness. We suggest Thais (female), the name of one of Alexander the Great's companions that is associated with 'binding up wounds' or Xander which means 'protector. '.

Proteus or Amaryllis
Amaryllis is the name of a flower. When given to a girl, it can signify new beginnings. Proteus is from Greek mythology and it means 'changeable. ' You are a chameleon of a person who is always evolving so these Greek names work for you!

Kal or Kalissa
You are beautiful on the inside and the outside. You deserve a melodic Greek name that represents this quality. Both Kal (male) and Kalissa (female) mean 'most beautiful. ' And you are! By the way, you can spell the names with a C instead of K if you prefer.

Ezio or Nefeli
You have such a strong connection with the Earth. You need a Greek name that represents your natural spirit. We suggest Nefeli (typically female, from Greek mythology) which means 'cloud' or Ezio, meaning 'eagle. '.

Eros or Agape
You love to give and receive love. It's only fitting that your Greek name is based on love and affection. We suggest Agape (typically female) or Eros (typically male), the name of the Greek god of love!