How To Have A Better Life?

A fun quiz that will give you an idea on how to have a better life. Life is life, so there will always be trials and tribulations; but there's absolutely nothing wrong with bettering oneself or a certain situation.


1. If your car battery died today, would you have the money to replace it?
Pretty sure I wouldn't Probably I would have something towards it Yes, without a doubt

2. Have you traveled for leisure this year?
I wish I would have,no Yes Kind of, just a weekend trip Probably too much

3. Do you hope to be doing the same career you are today five years from now?
Yes It's hard to say Heck no It depends on a lot ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Save money
Your life will seem better if you start saving money. You constantly spend money, not because you have to but just because. If you save money then you will be prepared for the random things that come up unexpectedly.

Travel more
You will have a better life if you travel more. Your social life is pretty lame and you hardly do anything. Expand your horizons and travel to see the beauties of the world. From Florida to California, no matter where you land it will be worth it and make your life better.

Stop being afraid to fall in love
Your life will be better if you take a chance with someone. Of course being hurt by someone is one of the worst feelings in the world, but life is about taking chances and giving people chances. Open up to someone and let time take it's course. You will have a better life if you stop being afraid to fall in love.

Pursue the career that your heart desires
You should finish the degree that you started or go back to school for the one thing that stays on your mind constantly. Education is often the key to success. Your life will seem better to you if you pursue the career that your heart desires.

Quit your job
Yes, that's it-quit your job. Come up with a plan though, whether it's working two part time job or updating your resume to apply for other jobs, prepare to quit your job. It in one of the main stressors in your life and if you prepare for a new job your life will be better.

Exercise more
Your physical appearance has become overwhelming to you because the pounds keep adding on. You are always on the go and you aren't happy because your size bothers you. You can download apps on your phone to workout before work at home or late at night before bed. Adding a workout routine will help you to have a better life.