What Plant Am I?

Wondering what plant you are? Then it's time to figure that out! You may learn a little something about yourself that you had no idea about at all! Grab a seat.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Snake Plant
Its fibers are used to make bowstrings, and it's known to produce oxygen at night. It's the Snake Plant! With slightly twisted leaves pointing up to the sky, it's instantly recognizable, and very popular, mainly because it's both gorgeous and super beginner friendly. You are a Snake Plant because you're unique, friendly, helpful, easy going, and popular with everyone.

Known for having thick skin that helps them survive in harsh climates, succulents are resilient, beautiful, and unique. Much like you, they've been known to survive the toughest of situations, and they make it look easier than it actually is.

Green Philodendron
This medium-sized plant has heart shaped leaves, and does well in low-medium light, watered once a week, making it great for beginners. You are very much like this plant in that you wear your heart on your sleeve, and are willing to give, but you don't expect much back. And you don't need much back! Definitely not a selfish lover.

Air Plant
Bright indirect light to full sun, soaks once a week in some warm water, but gets misted daily. Used to some higher humidity, and tropical climates. So, why the name? Because they grow without soil. They're found growing on top of tree branches. You're like this plant in that you live life however you want, without following societal norms.