Should I Ask Her To Be My Girlfriend?

Wondering whether you should ask her to be your girlfriend? Unsure of whether you're the right match, or if she's actually interested? Then it's time to find out!

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3. Does she ever initiate conversation with you, or is it always the other way around?
We both initiate conversation. I mainly do, but she does sometimes. It's always me. ▶ Next Question ◀

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Ask Her
She's been waiting, so what's the hold up? ! She's clearly into you, you're into her, and things have been going great between you two. The chemistry is there, you get along, you're on the same page about things, same values. And you both want the same things out of this relationship. It's a match.

Wait to Ask
Things are still a little unclear between you two. Either you're both hard to read, or it's pretty early on and there just isn't much information to go on yet. Whatever the case, we suggest waiting to ask. Give it another two or three weeks and see if things lean more one way or another.

Not Ask
So, we hate to break the bad news, but she's not feeling it. She's either interested in someone else already, or she's just not interested in you specifically. So. . . that's the news there. Take some time away from her, to try and set some distance there. It'll get better, we promise!