What Is Your Wolf Name?

Take this quiz to find your very own wolf name! If you were a wolf, what would you be called? Each question is unique! Choose wisely, this five question test determines your wolf name. . . Lets know your wolf name. Take this quiz and you'll find out.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a caring and cautious wolf. You don't want others to be in danger, and you often get worried when others, or you, are in danger. You would most likly be near the middle of the pack.

You are a dominant wolf, and would most likely be alpha. You are strong and hard working. You always finish what you start.

You are a rather shy wolf. You don't often speak for yourself, and you might not talk as much as others. Your more near the bottom of the pack.

You are quite aggressive. You don't cooperate with others well, and it's hard to control you. You are more lone wolf. You'd most likely be higher up than most wolves.

Your more puppy than adult wolf. You love to play and make friends, you are very friendly. People enjoy being around you. You can work well with others. You'd be in the middle of the pack.

Your a lone wolf. You tend to avoid crowds often, you aren't very social. Your strong and can stand up for yourself, but you only use your strength when you need to. You higher up than most wolves.