Fairy Name Generator

What is your Fairy name? Well, that depends on which part of the forest you light up and what your personality is. Use this generator to find out what your fairy name is!

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1. Whose shoes would you steal?
Cinderella Robin Hood Puss from Puss and Boots

2. Would you have taken the tarts from the Queen of Hearts?
Yes No

3. Which leaf will you sleep under?
Fern Bough of cedar Oak Hemlock Sycamore ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Flaming Arrow Fay
You cannot resist a good battle - even it's only for fun and mischief. Your best friend is probably Puck of Midsummer fame. Together you zip through the forest creating havoc all in the name of a good time. Just keep those arrows pointed at the damp parts of the forest!

Pip Pari
You are a jolly happy fairy - but with an air of mystery - from the snowy mountains of Persia. You flit and flutter from mountain top crags down to the beautiful fields of bright purple flowers. No one ever knows what's behind your mirthful smile.

You are the fairy ruler of all birds that take flight but especially of those who don't. Your steed is a valiant partridge that will gallop into battle with you on it's closed wings. You don't need help flying after all. You ARE a fairy . . .

Sleeping Sorrel
Most fairies are mischievous busybodies but you're just to lackadaisical for all that. You would much rather be intoxicated by the sweet scents of cloying flowers than fly about looking for trouble. If fairies don't have to work, why not savor the beauty and wonder of nature slowly?

You are the fuzzy white-winged fairy that is sometimes mistaken for an angel and at other times a moth. You don't know which you'd rather be mistaken for. While you aren't bad, you don't want a reputation as a goody-goody either.

You are so ethereal you are almost invisible to the naked eye. That doesn't bother you at all. It's all the better for spying on people and even other fairies. You know all of the world's secrets. Now you just have to decide if you're going to keep them for your own amusement or share them as juicy gossip.