What Kind Of Learner Am I?

There are so many different subjects, and while one might be your favorite, it may not be your best. Take this quiz and discover which subject is actually the easiest for you to learn!

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1. What is the subject you like the most?
Math English Science History Geography Foreign language

2. How do you feel about writing essays?
I love them They're fine They are the worst thing ever

Here are all the results with descriptions

You're a math whiz. You really truly just get numbers. As long as you have a great teacher, you can solve pretty much every problem put in front of you. You should definitely pursue a career in something math related in the future!

You love to read and analyze the works of others. Your perfect grammar and speed reading ability make English your best subject. In the future, you should consider becoming a writer or pursue being an English teacher!

You have got the historical chops. You have an easy time remembering dates and reading lengthy, dry passages. You do especially well at world history where you have to remember what is going on throughout the world and how it all affects one another!

Science for you is like second nature (see what we did there). Whether it is biology, chemistry, or physics, you have the chops to do well in any of them. The way you learn is similar to the scientific method!

Name a country, any country? You rock at knowing places on a map. Whether in Africa or South America you can locate and name any country, terrain, mountain range, or dessert. Maps are really the key to your success.

Foreign Language
Your mind's ability to comprehend other languages is quite astounding. You already likely know at least two languages and could probably take up 1 or 2 new ones. Your brain is just very compatible with remembering foreign languages.