Accent Quiz

Even though the United States is one country, there is a great divide between how we pronounce certain things and also the words we use to describe them. This quiz will uncover where your dialect proves you're from!

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1. How would you address a group of people?
You guys You Y'all You all

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Northeast has some funny words and pronunciations compared to the rest of the country. Take for instance calling shoes sneakers rather than tennis shoes. Knowing people from the Northeast though, you are definitely confident that your pronunciation is the best and right way!

Y'all know where y'all are from. Howdy, you definitely are a southerner. Okay so you don't talk exactly like that, but you do have a funky way of saying a few things. Everywhere else in the country just doesn't know how to speak correctly, bless their heart.

West Coast
Dude, you're totally from the west coast. Your dialect probably sticks out the least of any part of the country. You match the majority in quite a bit of the questions. Overall, there are a few funky things you say but not enough to stand out.

You are one hundred percent from the midwest. Everything you say aligns with how someone from the midwest speaks. Might I just say 'pop' was absolutely a dead giveaway! It is the most telling way to know you're from the midwest.

Northern Part Of the Country
Your dialect indicates that you are located in the northern part of the country. You say pop and tennis shoes, and you don't care who knows it. Overall, you have one of the most unique ways of speaking in the country!

You have probably moved around a lot because you have words and pronunciation that is popular in all different parts of the country in your dialect. You are super unique, and the way you talk would leave anyone guessing as to where you are actually from!