Metal Band Name Generator

Are you looking for a name for a heavy metal band? Look no further! We will give you a name that you can use or draw inspiration from with this metal band name generator!

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1. Pick a snake:
Python Timber rattler Anaconda

2. Pick a monster:
Minotaur Kracken Cookie

Here are all the results with descriptions

There will be no end of moshing at your shows with a name like this. There might even be a high level of destruction. But that's what it's all about, isn't it? Thrashmasher is a slight but cheeky nod to hardcore, and as heavy as it might be, fans will have fun at the concerts.

Draugur is the Icelandic word for ghost. You could add Hervor to this and use that famous Viking shieldmaiden in your cover art. Hervor was such a badass that she went to an island of ghosts to run into a fire to steal a magic sword.

As long as you're just a garage band, why not start out funny? Be the next Gwar but with a humorous name? With a name like Fridgemonster, you might actually get a lot of gigs. Then, if you decide to be all ballady and serious later, you can have a big public split up and go your separate ways as teary individual artists that show their raw insides in heartwrenching lyrics.

Bastion is a band name that can be almost anything you want it to be. It's hard enough to work for something really hardcore but it's mysterious enough to work for a ballad band or one with a slight goth edge.

The shadhavar is an obscure mythological beast from Persia. It looks like a gazelle but with one horn. That horn has 42 hollow passages that create music when wind passes through them. The music lures other animals to the shadhavar.

Imagine the cover art. You remember that scary movie Puppetmaster that had the doll with a drill bit for a hat? Something like that. Or, if you're more of a salt of the earth ballad band, you could make this relatable to rig workers.