Will I Be Famous?

Everyone wonders at some point in their life whether or not they will be famous. Is there something in your personality that can predict it? Find out by taking this quiz!

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1. Are you a procrastinator?
No Yes

2. Are people drawn to you?
A few are No Riff raff maybe I'm a people magnet

3. Have you ever done something incredible that most people don't like climb a mountain or publish a book?
Yes I'm on my way there No ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Have 15 minutes of fame
Everyone is famous at some point. It's the reach of that fame that makes the difference. For you, that fame will last a very short time. Maybe you'll be interviewed on the 6 o'clock news. Or maybe you'll win a contest. At least you'll have the experience of being famous!

Be a local celebrity
You will at some point be famous in your own community. Maybe that community is the town or neighborhood you live in or maybe it's an online community. You won't be world famous but many people you don't know will know who YOU are.

Be famous for something you do
You're going to be famous for one or two events in your life. Will it be that you're a hero? Or that you're involved in a crime? Maybe you'll have an affair with a real celebrity or political figure and it will be scandalous. It's not too late to change your destiny, so make careful choices!

Be famous
You will actually be famous for your talent! Maybe you'll be a famous author. Or maybe you'll sell out stadiums worldwide as a singer or a member of a band. You might even be a movie star or a crossover artist with several talents!