How Hipster Are You?

Have you ever considered yourself to be a hipster? Do you want to know if you fall in the category, and exactly how hipster you are? Find out by taking this quiz!

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2. How often do you go to the coffee shop?
At least once a day Couple times a week Never

3. Do you have any flannel in your wardrobe?
All kinds of it! Nope Maybe a piece or two ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Hipster At All
You didn't answer any of these questions in a way that would make you even slightly hipster. In fact, you're the exact opposite of that. If you want to be a hipster person, you have some work and research to do before you can accomplish that!

Very Little Hipster
There are a couple of things about you that make you a hipster, but for the most part, we wouldn't say that you could put yourself in this category. You are someone that feels more comfortable following the crowd, and because there's a crowd, clearly you aren't alone.

Kind Of Hipster
You have a few things about you that make you a hipster, but you are more mainstream than anything. You probably hang out with the same group of friends you've had since you were a kid and you all dress and act somewhat similar. Judging by your answers, it isn't a hipster style or personality for your group.

About An Average Hipster
If there were an average ranking for how hipster a person is, you would fall right in the middle. You aren't super hipster, but you aren't super mainstream either. You land with about 50% of each in you, and there's nothing wrong with a nice blend!

Very Hipster
You are a person with a very hipster personality. You aren't all the way at the top of this list, but you're pretty close! You might do a few things that put you back in the mainstream category, but that's okay once in a while.

100% Hipster
When it comes to being a hipster, you've got it nailed. If there were a poster child for today's hipster, you could put your face on it. Maybe it happens naturally, or maybe you've worked at it. Either way, you've reached 100% hipster status.