World Map Quiz

Wondering if you can pass this world map quiz with flying colors? Then it's time to put that knowledge to the test! Show us what you know, and we'll give you a score!

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3. What lies directly to the east of Greenland?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

No Knowledge of the World Map
You do not know where countries are in relation to each other. And you certainly don't know all the different oceans. You have no clue where whole continents are! It's time to do a quick online search and brush up on some facts.

Poor Knowledge of the World Map
You know very, very little about the world map. Your geography classes in school must have been a long time ago! It's time to dig up some old maps, or use the internet, to remember whatever you've forgotten with time.

Passable Knowledge of the World Map
You know. . . enough. You know enough to not be completely in the dark when it comes to geography, which is actually better than most. But you're certainly no expert. And your knowledge of it isn't even good. It's just not the worse.

Good Knowledge of the World Map
You have quite the memory! Or you study maps often enough to have good geographical knowledge. That's pretty good! You're no expert by any means, but you're the next closest thing, and that counts for something.

Super Expert Knowledge of the World Map
You are an expert! You either work with maps all the time, or you study them often enough because of hobbies or interests. Otherwise, you have the world's greatest memory. Either way, you're a smarty pants, congratulations!