Fun Couples Quiz

Are you and your mate a fun couple? Do you do interesting things together? Do your friends find you fun as a couple? Find out by taking this Fun Couples quiz!

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2. Do you initiate going out or getting together with other couples?
No Yes

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not a fun couple
You guys really need to get out more! And if you're bickering a lot - figure out what's wrong and put a stop to it. Being with a person you have fun with is important. If you truly love each other start making fun a priority!

A boring couple
You're not so terrible as to be not fun at all but you're probably kind of boring. Either you don't get out much or when you do, you just want to do the same old same old things. Do something adventurous! Try new things. Broaden your horizons and you'll be more fun.

A so so couple
You're not quite boring but you're not the talk of the town either. You're probably just kind of comfortable. Comfortable with each other, and others are comfortable around you. There is a lot of value in that. But . . . you should probably shake things up once in a while so that you don't become boring!

A fun couple
You are a fun couple! That's great. Having fun together and having fun as a couple while in the company of others is great for building a stronger relationship. Keep up the fun to avoid becoming complacent. And be sure to have fun on your own as well.

A SUPER fun couple
You might almost be having too much fun. It's all well and good for other couples to think you're the funnest couple on the block but you might be neglecting other parts of your relationship. Build up your intimacy and talk about real concerns once in a while so that if the fun has to take a break you're both strong enough to support each other.