Girl Group Name Generator

You know that your girls have your back, after all, sisters are forever. All that being said, to really give your fierce female clan fire you need the perfect name.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Empresses
Your group is full of powerful women, women who are meant to rule. In addition, you all demand to be treated with respect and have impeccable style. You consider yourselves to be queens and treat one another as such.

The Independettes
Your group is a dynamic and independent bunch. You work hard to always make sure there is a safe space for everyone in the group but also understand alone time and that you all live your own lives. Your group communicates exceedingly well.

You probably all call each other babe all the time. Frankly it's because you love each other so much. Your group is built on friendship, support, and admiration. You girls are friendship goals and you love it.

We Are She
Your group's motto ought to be 'Girls Support Girls' because that is what you are all about. Your group acts as a collective support system for one another and constantly works to provide care for everyone in the group. You are a family.

The Matriarchy
Your group is full of fierce feminists. You all truly believe in the power of women and can hardly believe you're lucky enough to be surrounded by so many incredible women (each other). You are ambitious, intelligent, and wise.

Your group is female and proud! You aren't afraid to like girly things nor are you afraid to dislike girly things. You are the brave women who always stay true to themselves and their friends. It's not an easy task but you all make it work.