How To Find Your Gifts?

Giving gifts to loved ones is easy, giving yourself a gift is the hard part! You know what you may want, but what you do absolutely need? We have the answer for you! Take our short quiz to see what gift you should bless yourself with!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A full day at the spa
You've been working extremely hard lately and you need a break. A full day of pampering and full-body massages with cucumbers on your eyes and manicurists making your cuticles pretty are just what you deserve. Get ready for your white fluffy robe!

A new planner
You may need a little more organization in your life. A shiny, new planner will not only structure your days, but give you the motivation to all those small boxes. You can even splurge and buy a set of fancy pens!

A shopping spree
Bags, bags, bags everywhere! You want to walk into all of your favorite store and grab whatever your arms can handle. Retail therapy is your jam. You only need a few hours to build your dream wardrobe, accessories included.

Peace and quiet
You're surrounded by people all day, every day. You don't get many chances to listen to yourself think. Sweet silence would put you right back on course! If that's not possible, a day without any human communication can also do the trick! Find your center and just zen out to a day of silence. Ssshhh.

A new tattoo
You're craving some new ink! You enjoy adding new notches to your timeline in a very permanent kind of way. You should start looking at designs and figuring out what you're going to get. Or maybe design something yourself! Go crazy!

A new cell phone
We know you love vintage things, but you deserve the latest technology. You're probably close to an upgrade anyways. Whether Iphone or Android, you should get the latest in phone tech. Imagine the selfies in your future!