Political Views Test

A few questions to find out where you fall on the political spectrum. From far left to moderate to far right, take the quiz to see if you actually belong where you think you do.

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2. How do you greet people in December?
Happy Holidays Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays Merry Christmas

3. What addition would you build for your home?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Far Left
Your views are a little more extreme than average left-leaning peers. You believe the government should go the extra mile to take care of others. You don't care so much for traditions or how things used to be; you want the future to be now.

Your views are left-leaning, from LGBTQ rights to environmental issues. You care about the world around you and speaking up for those without a voice. While you don't agree with right-leaning arguments, you are willing to hear them out.

Moderate Left
Your views are just slightly leaning toward the left. You understand where the left and right are coming from, and for the most part, you teeter in between both. When it comes down to it though, you tend to agree a little more with liberal positions.

Moderate Right
Your views are just slightly leaning toward the right. While you are more moderate for the most part and might not agree completely with all conservative positions, your ideology falls just a bit more toward traditional values.

Your views are right-leaning. Changes feel like a threat, and you want to keep those close to you safe. Issues are very black and white, and you have firm positions on each. Your conservative values include religion and individual rights free from the government.

Far Right
Your views are a little more extreme than your conservative peers. You don't like the government interfering with your daily life or businesses. Your beliefs and traditions are fundamental to your life, and you don't care for change.