What Is My Type Of Guy?

Wondering what your type of guy really is? Maybe you've been going for the wrong type! Maybe that's why your dating history is so terrible! It's time for some answers.

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1. Do you like guys who can draw?
Yes A little. Not really. I'm indifferent.

2. Have all your exes made you presents, rather than bought them?
Yes No

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Artistic Guy
This is the guy that sketched his way through high school, or who currently does, depending on his age. He draws, maybe paints, maybe works with things like clay or even metals. He makes things, it's how he spends his time whenever he's not sleeping, eating, or spending time with you. It could even be his job, this artistic stuff.

The Edgy Guy
He's the alternative guy, maybe the gothic one. He's got the tattoos, the piercings (at least one), and he wears a lot of neutral or dark colors. He has amazing taste in music, movies, art, and pop culture in general. And he loves to have himself some dark drinks, like an Old Fashioned.

The Nerdy Guy
This is the guy who will typically spend his days playing video games, eating junk food, planning his next convention trip, and talking about the latest and greatest comic book movie. He collects figures of his favorite pop culture characters, and he gets pretty much every movie reference and joke thrown into a conversation.

The Well-Rounded Guy
This is the guy who is. . . frankly, a little bit of everything. Some may say he's unclear on who he is, but that's not actually the case. He's just seriously that well-rounded. He's into nerdy stuff like video games and comics, but he's also got tattoos and piercings, and drinks dark beer. And to top it off, he loves to draw and write silly poems to you in romantic letters for your birthday, so you know he's artistic. He's also into healthy living and health. But he dresses pretty polished.