Decorating Style Quiz

How would you best sum up your home decor style? When you aren't an interior designer it can be difficult to know exactly what your style is. This quiz will determine your decorating style.

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1. Which of these rooms are you most drawn to?
The Kitchen The Garden The Bedroom Living Rooms

2. Which of these neutral colors do you like best?
White Black Light gray Dark gray Warm browns Rich browns

Here are all the results with descriptions

Luxury Resort
Your decorating style is best described as luxury resort. You look nice things and you like to be pampered. Turn your home into a haven of relaxation and absolute luxury. You want to live everyday like royalty.

Clean and Spacious
Your decorating style emphasizes clean and spacious environments. Because of this you are often drawn to Minimalism but you don't exclusively feel drawn to that style. Really what you like are environments that invite your to breathe.

Your decorating style is rustic! That means you are all about cabins, blankets, and fireplaces. All you want is a durable and cozy home with all of those deliciously warm colors and hues painting your walls.

Your decorating style is best summed up as hipster. You don't try to be trendy, you just like that millennial style. You love homes filled with succulents, records, and maybe a bike on the wall. You're all about city lofts.

Modern and Colorful
Your decorating style is like an Andy Warhol painting, in fact there's probably one on your wall! You adore bright colors and modern features in your home. It's one of your favorite movements and you like the liveliness of it.

Your decorating style is grandiose! Think castles, villas, MTV Cribs- you'll have it all! You like your home to be your playground filled with your luxuries, hobbies, and imaginative whims. You also have an eye for the expensive.