What Hair Color Looks Best On Me?

Wondering which hair color looks the absolute best on you? Then it's time to answer some questions! Be as honest as you can, and we'll guide you to beautiful victory!

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1. Are you tan?
Yes No

2. Are you very pale?
Yes No

3. Do you white, but not pale? Still have some sense of color?
Yes More on the pale side. Tan or black skin, actually. ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

You have pigmented skin, either black or a medium tan. Maybe even a lighter tan. Which means you're perfectly capable of pulling off a very dark hair color. Try it out and own it! You work it like no one else can!

Medium Brown
You have either a very light tan, or you're white without being pale. You still have some color to you, so a medium brown would work best! You can go dark, without fully going dark. That would wash you out.

Light Brown
You are more on the pale side, so light brown works the absolute best on you! It's a fine line between blonde and brown, so it's very versatile. Remember you can always darken or lighten it depending on the season.

You are very fair, which means blonde is the way to go. You can actually pull it off, which surprisingly, isn't easy. Blonde hair may be popular, but it often washes people out. You don't have this problem!