What Type Of Horse Are You?

Do you feel a wildness calling you? Are you free-spirited but also stubborn? If you've ever been compared to a horse, it's high time you find out what type of horse you are.

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1. What do you consider the most romantic?
Red hair Horses, of course Glaciers Jewel tones Flowers Bare feet

Here are all the results with descriptions

Icelandic Horse
You are one of the coolest animals there is. Not only are you a completely unique breed but you also have miles of spunk. Few can compete with your unique blend of playful sass and natural beauty. Plus, you're native to Iceland.

You're an Appaloosa horse! Many envy your gorgeous painted coat and you've learned to grow proud of your uniqueness. Despite your spirit and creativity you are very disciplined. This leads you to great accomplishments.

You are a Clydesdale! Originally, you are from Scotland. You're very stubborn and would do anything for those you love. Famous for being the Budweiser horse, you love to have some fun and maybe even a pint or two.

Spanish Mustang
You are a Spanish Mustang! You are as wild and independent as a horse can be. And you love it. You adore living your on life and galloping across the Spanish plains. Plus, you can take advantage of all those siestas.

Race Horse
You are a race horse! You have an unmatched ambition and focus that will always lead you to your goals. Furthermore, you're very competitive and love the prospect of winning. Keep at it and you're sure to be a champion.

Shetland Pony
You are a Shetland Pony! Besides being adorable, you are known for your intelligence. You are incredibly capable and possess an ability to show both empathy and intelligence. Your breed originated in Scotland.