What Food You Would Be?

If you were to be any food, what food you would be? Take this quiz to find out! Answer 10 simple questions and see what food you would be. Maybe you are craving that food right now.

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2. Do you like getting dirty?
Yea! Umm... Sometimes yes. Nah...

3. Do you like spending time with friends and family?
Yes, of course! Sometimes. Nah, I like to chill on my own. ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

A pizza
You like to be lazy and just hangout with friends, family, or even a boyfriend or girlfriend and watch a movie and just relax.

A cheeseburger
You like to sit in a car and eat either by yourself or with the friends or family in your car. You like to take road trips and eat fast food.

A pasta
You like making a good meal for dinner. You like to spend time in the kitchen and clean the counter messy and the sink full of dishes.

A cake
You are as sweet as cake and always look for the best in people. You like to eat sweets and you love sugar and frosting.

A pie
You like any sort of fruit or vegetables and love to bake with anything that you can find in the pantry like canned corn, frozen strawberries, a frozen fruit salad, etc. You also love the smell of the kitchen when either you or someone else is cooking dinner.

An eggs and bacon
You like to wake up early in the morning and eat a healthy yet delicious breakfast. You like to do morning workouts before you start your day and love the smell of a fresh breakfast being cooked on weekend mornings. You also like eating healthy food like fruit salads and vegetables.