Should I Tell Him I Like Him?

It's difficult to know if you should tell a guy you like him, especially if you are afraid of ruining a good friendship. This quiz will help you decide!

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2. How old is he?
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3. Are either of you dying of a terminal illness?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

keep your lips zipped
Should you tell him how you feel? If you like natural disasters, then the answer is yes. Otherwise, avoid sharing your feelings now. You might have the wrong guy, the wrong time, or the wrong feelings. However it is, it's wrong.

do some more research
You just don't know yourself or this guy enough to be pouring out every feeling you have. You need to observe him a little longer to see if he is worthy of your attention and then you need to decide if your feelings are really genuine.

tell him without really telling him
Guys don't get hints too well, but you can give him a clue as to your feelings without spelling it out. Tell him what you like about him and that you would like to find a guy like him. Maybe he'll say he would like someone like you too!

ask him about his feelings
Rather than telling him how you feel, find out how he feels. Does he want to be in a relationship? Is he interested in anyone? Questions like these will give you some info without putting you in a vulnerable position.

tell him, but prepare for disappointment
Have you heard the saying, 'Prepare for the worst; hope for the best? ' That's what you will have to do in this situation because there is a real possibility of rejection. But you can still hope for a favorable outcome. . .

not wait another second to tell him
You can't stand the suspense any longer so just tell him already! The worst he can say is no and if that's the answer, accept it and gracefully move on. However, if he says yes. . . Oh, what a happy day it will be!