Should I Call Him?

Have you been vibing with a guy and now you're wondering if you should take a chance and give him a call? We can help you figure out if it's worth the risk with this fun quiz!

Tags: Relationships, Guys, Dating

1. Did he give you his phone number?
Yes No I got it off social media

2. Have you ever called him before?
Yes No Just texting and instant messenger

Here are all the results with descriptions

Absolutely Never Call Him
This guy hasn't given a single signal that he wants you to call him, or probably ever speak to him again in reality. It's okay to let this one go because there are plenty of guys out there that would kill to talk to you.

Probably Not Call Him
Your guy may have made a few gestures that make you think you should call him, but we're going to say that judging by your answers, there's a good chance that he could really care less. If you don't feel like wasting your time, move along.

Maybe Think About Calling Him Later
There may be a right time for calling this guy, be we can't say that the time is right now with a 100% certainty. You could test the waters and connect on social media or maybe see if he's out at your favorite bar this weekend and see how things go.

Consider Calling Him
It's hard to say whether or not you should call this guy, because, by the way you answered these questions, it's got us a little confused too. If you aren't afraid of rejection, take a chance and see what happens. You never know!

Most Definitely Call Him At Some Point
We're going to say that judging by your answers to this quiz, you should most definitely be putting this guy in your phone book to give a call now, and several times in the future. He wants you to call him, so what are you waiting for?

Call Him Right Now
We honestly can't believe that you haven't called this guy yet! He is probably starring at his phone right now waiting for your name to come across the screen. Dial as quickly as you can and stop keeping him waiting!