What Type Of Skin Do I Have?

Wondering what type of skin you have? Whether it's dry, complex, or oily? Then it's time to take this quiz and get your answer once and for all, isn't it?

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1. Touch your forehead. Does it feel slippery, moisturized, or otherwise slick?
Yes No

2. Now touch your chin. Slick feeling, or not?
Yes No

3. Dry cheeks?
No Yes ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Oily Skin
You have oily skin, which means you battle shine every single day. You should be using makeup setting spray every time you're done applying makeup, especially in the spring and summertime, so that your makeup lasts longer. You should also invest in some blotting papers so you can dab excess oil on the go. Tinted moisturizer with silicone would keep your face feeling light and fresh, rather than gross like foundation too. Foundation can seep into pores and create more oil.

Combination Skin
You have combination skin, which means you likely have an oily t-zone (straight down the middle of your face, and across your forehead, so you have an oily forehead, nose, and chin), and a more dry cheek and eye area. Gentle, balancing formulas prevent irritation and dryness out of a cleanser, while hydrating serums paired with a mattifier for your t-zone will help you balance everything out. For really dry areas, especially in winter, opt for lightweight liquid lotions.

Dry Skin
You have dry skin, which means your entire face is prone to flakes and irritation. Not an ounce of shine. Cleansing products that strip dirt and grime, without removing oil, are ideal. Hydrating serums help moisturize your skin, while creams with oils or shea butter keep it locked in. Because dry skin is more prone to wrinkle and premature aging, use some retinol wrinkle peels and hydrating face masks.

Normal Skin
Smooth feeling, no dry spots or excess shine, your skin is considered normal. It's a miracle! You require products that remove dirt and makeup, that won't mess up your skin's natural balance. Exfoliate 2-3 times per week with an AHA, BHA, or retinoid to keep your skin glowing. Oh, and light lotions with almond oil work great for you!