Easter Candy Quiz

When you walk into your favorite store around Easter time, you've probably noticed all the special holiday candy. Do you know all about Easter candy? Find out with this quiz!

Tags: Trivia, Candy, Sweet, Sugar

1. Easter comes second in candy sales falling behind what other holiday?
Halloween Christmas Valentine's Day

2. In 2014, Americans alone consumed how much candy?
Over $2 billion Over $4 milion Over a trillion dollars

3. Which jelly bean flavor is the most popular?
Black licorice Cherry Strawberry ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Absolutely Nothing About Easter Candy
Have you ever even seen Easter candy before? There isn't a single question on this quiz that you got correct. Some of them were pretty simple too. Maybe this year you should try some and expand your knowledge on the subject.

Not Very Much About Easter Candy
There are a couple of questions that you got correct on this Easter candy quiz, but for the most part, you don't know a whole lot about Easter candy. Maybe you don't eat sweets, and that's okay too. . . they aren't for everyone!

A Little Bit About Easter Candy
When it comes to Easter candy, you know a decent amount on the subject. It's pretty clear that you've enjoyed some sweet treats around this holiday. Hopefully, you go ahead and do it again this year, because there's always something new to try!

A Lot About Easter Candy
Holy smokes do you know a lot about Easter candy! You got almost every single one of these questions correct. That's pretty incredible because some of these were kind of difficult. You really know your sugary sweets!

Everything About Easter Candy
You are an Easter candy genius! You got every single one of these questions correct, and there aren't many people that can say that they did that. It leaves us wondering if maybe you have actually met the Easter bunny. . .