Is She Interested?

Do you have a special lady in your life that you're a bit confused about. If you're wondering if she's really interested in you, take this quiz real quick and find out!

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1. Has she made it obvious to you that she's single?
She reminds me all the time I already knew that I'm not really sure if she is

2. Do you ever feel like she's purposely entering your 'personal space?'
She stays a decent distance We don't get too close I know she is

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Interested At All
This woman is not interested in you enough to even smile or wave, so you're surely living in a fantasy world if you think you have a chance with her. It's time to move on and start looking for someone else.

Not Real Interested
The lady you're thinking of must toss out some mixed signals once in a while, but she could just be trying to act nicely towards you. Based on the rest of your answers, she's not interested in you all that much. Don't worry though; there's someone out there for you.

A Little Bit Interested
Looking in from the outside and judged on your answers, this girl is a little bit interested in you, but she's certainly not head-over-heels in love just yet. It might take a little work and nurturing on your part, but anything is possible.

Kind Of Interested, But Probably As a Friend
You and this woman have some kind of chemistry or bond, but it's likely that you're just really good friends. That doesn't mean that something can't happen down the road, but for right now this is where you're at.

Very Interested in You
You must be doing something right because this woman is very interested in you. She's not 100% sure, but with a nice romantic date and a special gesture, we're betting that you could seal the deal once and for all!

100% Interested in You
Well, you did it! This lady is 100% interested in you and not anyone else. Everything she does in life is done with you in mind. As long as you feel the same way, we would say you hit a home run! If you aren't interested in her, you may want to consider a restraining order.