Do I Look Irish?

Irish people have a reputation for beauty so it would be great to look like one of them. The question is: Do your features look Irish? Take this quiz and find out!

Tags: English

1. Do you tan or burn?
Tan Burn

2. What do you carry around with you?
Poetry Beer Tea A potato

3. What color do you wear on March 17?
Green Any other color ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

don't look Irish at all
Well, from the physical description you provided, you seem like quite a lovely person. You probably get complimented for your good looks all the time. However, you don't look like an Irish person at all.

have a hint of Irish
From your physical description, it is clear that, in general, you do not look Irish. However, you do have a feature or two that seem slightly Irish. So whether it's coal black hair or a red beard, embrace your Irish characteristics!

almost look Irish
From your physical description, it is clear that your overall look is not Irish. However, you do have a few features that seem to suggest Irish heritage. Basically, at a quick glance, someone might think you are Irish, but close examination will reveal something different.

look like someone with mixed heritage
You definitely have some Irish features. However, you have some unique physical characteristics that seem to suggest more exotic origins. Probably you had an Irishman great-grandparent or two in your distant past!

look pretty doggone Irish
Okay, you got it! You look Irish! The majority of your features have been associated with people from Ireland. If you ever visit Ireland on vacation, you will be able to blend in with the locals for sure!

look 100% Irish
Either you are Irish or you have some weirdly Irish genes floating around in your gene pool! Virtually every single feature of your face, hair, and body fits the Irish profile. You are Irish through and through!