Would I Be A Good Kisser?

Are you someone that's worried about your first kiss and whether or not you're doing a good job? Maybe you've already kissed, but you're wondering if people like it. Find out with this quiz!

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1. Are you confident?
No Kind of Yes

2. Can you make the kiss about the other person instead of yourself?
Of course Why? I can try

Here are all the results with descriptions

An Absolutely Terrible Kisser
Everything about your answers here says that you would make an absolutely terrible kisser. We're guessing that you've never kissed anyone yet, so that's a good thing. It's time to do some reading or watch some videos to perfect the skill. Until then, keep your lips to yourself.

Not A Very Good Kisser
There isn't much about you that makes you a very good kisser. You might have a couple of qualities, but chances are you just need more experience to up your kissing game. It's okay. We're guessing you're still young, so you have lots of time!

An Okay Kisser
You are someone that would make an okay kisser, but you're far from being good or the best at it. It's something that gets better with practice, so when the time is right, you can find the perfect person to learn with.

A Pretty Good Kisser
For the most part, you're a pretty good kisser, or you're going to make one someday. Your answers show that you won't have any problems in this category. There's always room for improvement, but you don't have to be the best right off the bat.

A Great Kisser
According to your answers here, you're going to make a great kisser someday, if you haven't already shared your talents with a special person in your life. You aren't completely perfect, but nothing ever is, so you have nothing to be ashamed of.

The Best Kisser Ever
You possess every characteristic that would make you one of the best kissers in all of the world! Not many people can achieve this, so be proud of who you are and what you can do. Just don't waste your talent.