Eye Color Meaning

Wondering what your eye color says about you? Then it's time to figure it all out, isn't it? Take this quiz and get your answer once and for all. It'll be insightful, promise.

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1. Dark eyes, or light eyes?
Dark Medium Light

2. A common color?
Yes Somewhat Not too common.

3. Do your eyes change color in bright light?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Sensitive and kind, yet also confident while humble, brown eyes signify balance. This earthy color is all about love, making others feel loved and appreciated, and avoiding things like vices and addictions. In fact, most are very physically fit, and pride themselves on taking good care of themselves, those around them, and their responsibilities.

Once you're dedicated to something, you're in it, and you'll do whatever it takes to succeed, even adapting a new approach to things. There's intense passion in green eyes as well, paired with vibrancy, which means you know how to remain pleasantly youthful about life regardless of age. You can hold the reins under pressure, but it doesn't mean you don't know how to enjoy things in a carefree way!

You're capable of tolerating a lot of pain. Pain in the form of love lost, family members passing, toxic family dynamics, tough situations dealing with less than you deserve in relationships, you name it. You also have great stamina, although you may not think it. You may just want to curl up, hide, and lounge all day after being present for tough circumstances, but you're going to endure it longer than most.

You're a combination of things from strong to sensitive, physically strong and secretive. The issue here is that you live in the moment. And that means you tend to delay doing certain things until the time is right. That means that if you need to tell a romantic partner about an indiscretion on your part, you'll wait years before letting it slip, and at that point, it comes off like you've been betraying them for years, even if your intention was really to just. . . wait for the right time!