Female Elf Names

Wondering what your female elf name would be? Then it's time to find out once and for all, isn't it? We promise it'll be a good one though, all elf names tend to be good!

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1. Do friends call you when they need to to look up some guy they just started talking to?
Yes No

2. Do you know how to pick up on people's intentions? See through them?
Yes No

3. Do you read a lot of romance novels?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Viessa Grelana
You're stealthy, sneaky, and most of all, very good at getting insight on people. You know how to keep secrets, and find other people's out. In other words, you'd be a bit of a dark elf, capable of using your abilities for rogue-like behavior.

Farryn Rothyra
You're crafty, but in a creative kind of way. Much like a merchant, always finding new ways to make and sell things, or make things for gifts. And that means you're not only very talented, but a great communicator and giver.

Verrona Keamys
Ahh, much like the Medieval, old town in Italy, you are all about romance, excitement, and unorthodox behavior. You live for the drama, for the wonderful things that could potentially happen at night, or even the broad daylight. If you were an elf, you'd be a bit of a romantic. The things high fantasy, and long, far-reaching wings are made of.

Eletha Eilmyar
This is a very wise-sounding name. It echos power, rulership, leader status. And you're very much like that in life now, aren't you? Always planning, organizing, taking charge. Doing things, keeping busy. Well, if you were an elf, you'd be just about the same, only you'd be in a position of power, capable of ruling things. But due to your gentle nature, you wouldn't be a cruel leader. You'd be compassionate, for the people.