What Cocktail Am I?

Like personalities, there are so many different types of cocktails to choose from. This quiz will tell you which cocktail best links up to who you are!

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2. Do you have a favorite bar?
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3. How often do people buy you drinks?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are the life of the party. This cocktail is fresh, sweet and spunky. There are so many reiterations on the drink, but the perfect margarita is tequila, some lime juice, a bit of sweetener and some salt around the rum.

Whiskey Sour
A whiskey sour is as refreshing as a whiskey cocktail can get. This has whiskey, some lemon juice, a bit of sugar, and if made correctly, a bit of egg white. This drink is super unique and a bit sophisticated just like you!

A Manhattan may not be for everyone, but it certainly represents you. It's super boozy and super sophisticated. There is nothing like drinking a Manhattan in a tall martini glass. This drink screams elegance just like you.

There are only two ingredients in a classic mimosa, and they are champagne and orange juice. This drink is super refreshing and is a staple at any good brunch. This drink is fun and sweet just like you!

A martini is one of the most classic cocktails you can order. There's probably not a bar in the world without a Martini on their menu. It's made up of vodka, dry vermouth, and an olive. Boy does it look classy to hold one of these.

Sazerac is made with rye whiskey, simple syrup, and some bitters. The cup is first chilled with absinthe. This cocktail has some bite in it just like you! It is a classic New Orleans concoction. It's a bold drink that really packs a punch.