Monk Name Generator

Are you considering devoting your life to your religion by joining a monastery? Or are you playing or writing a character than needs a great monk name? If it's the latter, we have you covered! Use this generator!

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1. You're walking through a forest when a squirrel tries to attack you with a tiny sword. What do you do?
Take his attack seriously - he could be a shapeshifter Laugh Allow him to think he defeated me

2. How serious are you?
Very Somewhat Not very

Here are all the results with descriptions

Dorin of Zagon
Dorin is a Romanian name that means 'The Stranger'. Zagon is a small village in Transylvania. Zabon was also the home of Kelemen Mikes, known as the 'Hungarian Goethe' who spent his last years exiled with the prince of Transylvania.

Zongjiao Wudao
Zongjiao Wudao translates roughly (really, don't get a tattoo) to 'religious dance'. Zongjiao means 'religious' and Wudao means 'dance' in Chinese. Perhaps your monk loves religion so much that it inspires moments of happy dance.

Bock Rauchbier
Both Bock and Rauchbier are types of beer. So, if your monk is a Brewmaster, then this is the name for you. If your monk is not a brewmaster, don't fear. Bock means 'resembles a he-goat' in Old High German. Which, if your monk is old and has a really long beard, should fit nicely.

Jidai Geki
This may be a great name for your monk for two reasons: it's Japanese AND it's Lucas's inspiration for the Jedi. In Japanese, it's all one word - jidaigeki and means 'period drama', usually set in the Edo period from the 1600s to the mid 1800s.

Timon Jace
Both Timon and Jace are Greek names. Timon means 'worthy' and Jace means 'healer'. It's an excellent name combination for a monk with healing powers or that strives to be a healer. If Timon Jace doesn't fit, use the formula to find a name that does.

Xaun Acyn
In Vietnamese, Xaun means 'spring' as in that from which water comes. Acyn is Arabic for 'pure' and Greek for 'healer'. This name would fit a variety of MMO monk types. If it doesn't fit your monk, use a translator to find the perfect fit.