Which Color Suits Me Astrologically?

Astrology can impact your life more than you are aware. By answering just a few questions, we can tell you exactly which color is perfect for you based on astrology.

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2. Which element are you most attracted to?
Air Earth Fire Water

Here are all the results with descriptions

Like the sun, your soul is bright and can fill up with whole sky with its light. You are the center of your family and your friends' universe, and without you, the world would be a darker place. Thus, like the sun, your astrological color is a brilliant yellow.

Like the stars, your astrological color is gold or maybe even silver. Your spirit sparkles and if very effervescent. Though you tend to be a bit closed off and distant, you are still the most beautiful thing in the sky to look at.

You are dark like the night sky. Though black seems like a very simple color it is actually super complex. Like the sky your depth is seemingly endless and you quite literally take the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Your color is that of the sky. You are beautiful and calming. Though if prodded you can produce some serious weather complications. You don't let anyone walk over you, but to matter what you keep an elegance about you.

The hues of purple within the sky can be a bit subtle. Like you they tend to blend in, but once you feel comfortable you stand out and produce the most beautiful sight to behold. The air about you is so regal just like the streaks of purple in the sky.

Like a meteor you are a deep bright red. You can be quick to anger but you boil that down to just being the most passionate person that has ever existed. Truth be told you fight hard, but you love even harder.