Which Decade Should You Live In?

A lot of people believe they were born in the wrong era and wish they could have a time machine. But how do we know which era is best for us?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You have an old soul and long for a simpler, quieter life, one with less dependence on technology and virtual interaction with each other. You would find a quiet peace in the world of the 1910s, when you could still knock on your neighbor's door to borrow some sugar, and when going out dancing didn't mean to a nightclub. Your favorite pastimes involve being out in nature

You love the classic glamour and femininity of early Hollywood starlets, and hold a candle for the notion that true romance isn't dead. You belong in the 1940s, when even though the world was at war, people worked together with a common goal that you just don't see in the world today. You long for a simpler time when everyone wasn't glued to their phones, and instead listened closely to the news and had a grasp on what was happening in the world.

You like the effortless, chic look that comes with just a hint of tomboyish style, which is what the women of the 1960s were beginning to adopt. You long to be in that progressive and radical era, when rock-n-roll had firmly rooted itself, and when women and minorities were gaining more rights and independence by challenging the systems of old. A summer night full of beer, rock music, and barefoot walking in the grass is your idea of heaven.

Dramatic fashions, synth-y music, and big hair are the keys to your heart, and that's why you ought to be back in the 1980s, when trends in clothing, music, and art took an edgier turn all around the Western world. You love to spend your free time watching MTV, playing classic arcade games, and listening to Thriller on your Walkman, which as you see it is one of the best inventions of human history.

You feel a deep nostalgic for the weird and alternative TV, novelty snacks, and pop-culture of the 1990s, when the biggest responsibility you had was cleaning your room and making sure your kid sister did her homework. You like that the variety of 'scenes' in the 90s made it so everyone had a place they could fit in - the preps, goths, ravers, grunge and hip-hop kids. Now-a-days everyone has blended into the generic category of 'hipster,' but you prefer when each category had its own distinctions.

You are fully modernized and feel right at home where you are! You enjoy the modern comforts of texting to make plans, ordering pizza online, and having working A/C and heating, that's why you should remain in the 2000s. You enjoy being able to pull inspiration from all of the past and don't feel like going back in time will have a positive effect, after all, living in a globalized world with cheap global travel has its perks.